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Welcome to Dog Grooming Poole

Welcome to Dog Grooming Poole, your local dog, cat and pet grooming service working to bring out the best results of your beloved pet.

We find it’s important and often vital to treat your pet to an indulging grooming experience in Poole and Bournemouth, situated an easy drive in all directions. We offer a top of the range service and a large number of options to leave your pet looking, smelling and feeling their absolute best!

Our brilliant service not only treats dogs, but also a wide range of animals including rabbits, hamsters, tortoises, puppies, kittens and cat grooming.

Our staff are expertly trained to deal with all outcomes and ensure you and your pet have your every need met. Whether you need your pet simply washed and cut, or a more detailed service including clipping and styling, look no further than Dog Grooming Poole!


In-House & Mobile Grooming Service


Our service is flexible in the sense that we offer both an in-house grooming salon, but also a mobile service to best serve your needs. We understand that travelling to our salon can often be difficult and create unnecessary stress for you and your pet. We know that it can often be a battle to get your pet to a salon and that’s why our dog grooming mobile service is so valuable. We bring our entire salon and service directly to your street to give the peace of mind we believe many pets and their owners need during this process.


In fact, our dog grooming mobile service is the safest option for you and your pet as it takes care of everything from your first phone call till the final groomed show of your pet. One of our main goals is to relieve you, our client of all worries involved with the process, especially as we know how tedious and difficult washing your dog can be. With our professional team and service, you can sit back, relax and feel confident knowing your pet will be handled with the utmost care. You can also be rest assured, our team never leaves your pet unattended, both keeping them physically safe but also making sure they feel emotionally safe.

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Dog Grooming

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Cat Grooming

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Small Pets

Why Our Grooming Services Are So Popular

Not all dogs and cats need grooming, but some breeds can be quite high maintenance and require professional grooming, others just need a thorough clean and tidy up. Grooming your pet is not always an easy task but our technicians at Dog Grooming Poole, go over and above for your pet to ensure they have the best grooming experience.


Whether they are grooming in-house or in our mobile “Dog Grooming Mobile Vans”, we follow the same grooming procedure. Using only the highest quality of natural shampoos and conditioning treatments, we begin with bathing your dog or cat from head to toe. This is followed by an optional mini massage, using our calming essential oils which also act as a natural flea repellant. Finally finishing off with the brazilian blowout or hand-dried.


Once your furry friend is clean and dry, we finish off with our pampering treatment which includes: a full body haircut (shaved, clipped or a trim – whichever you request), brushing their teeth, nail clipping, shaving between paws and cleaning their ears. Finally we perform an overall health observation and each pet gets a delicious treat to indulge. Our technicians are the ultimate animal lovers ensuring that your cat or dog gets the very best TLC during their grooming experience.

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Looking for dog grooming near me? Look no further!

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Our Grooming Team

We carefully select our groomers and only employ those that provide a loving, caring, stress free, spa-like atmosphere for your pet. Our groomers have a true passion for animals, showing patience, compassion, perfection in their nature and have years of experience grooming cats and dogs. 

The Poole Dog Grooming staff have been trained with special techniques when it comes to clipping and shaving, also the standard routine haircuts and dealing with severely matted coats. Rest assured, your beloved animal is in great hands!

Grooming Transformation

Our mission isn’t just to transform your pet aesthetically, but also emotionally and physically. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs and any special requests. Our grooming sessions are safe and hypoallergenic. Get in touch now for more information.