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Cats by nature are true perfectionists and can be extremely fussy. They are very hygienic animals, cleaning themselves regularly everyday and most of the time can take care of themselves very well, however some felines depending on their coat, whether they are show cats, house cats or outdoor cats, they may need the extra help that we offer.


Make Grooming An Enjoyable Experience

Cats are famously known for their dislike of water. We do our very best to make grooming sessions fun for the cat and groomer, so be sure your cat is relaxed before the session. After eating or exercise can be a convenient time for a groom. 

We want your cat to enjoy their experience as much as they can and remember their session in a positive way. 

Usually if the owner is in a bad mood or having a stressful day, this is likely not a good time to groom their cat.  If your cat is not easy to groom, here are some ways you can help at home leading up to their professional grooming session:

  • Start grooming your cat for just five to ten minutes in the beginning.
  • Gradually lengthen your time until your cat is used to the routine.
  • Make sure your cat is used to being handled.
  • Ensure to get in the habit of petting your cat all over including the ears, tail, belly, back and definitely their feet!
  • Stay patient. If your cat is getting stressed out, abort  mission! 
  • Give her a delicious treat at the end with lots of praise.

Be sure to try this only when your cat is calm. Cats are famous for hating baths, so getting an extra person involved can really help. This is where we step in! 

Here at Dog Grooming Poole, we are here to help you with your cat grooming when it comes to bathing and brushing as it’s not always an easy task with our stubborn furry friends.

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The Cat Grooming Process - Bathing

Sometimes your cat’s coat can become oily and greasy, or perhaps they’ve found themselves with something smelly or sticky. They will benefit extremely from a bath.

First, we brush the cat all over removing any matted knots and all the dead hair, we place the cat in three to four inches of lukewarm water. Using a gentle spray, we bathe your cat all over taking care not to spray directly into the eyes, ears and nose. 

At Dog Grooming Poole we only use natural shampoos on our dogs, cats and other small animals.

The Cat Grooming Process - Brushing

Every so often, brushing your cat regularly with a brush or comb will keep your pets hair in good condition. It’s important to remove dirt and spread the natural oils throughout their coat, also preventing knots and keeping their skin irritant-free and clean.

We know cats can be difficult for such bathing and brushing so we at Dog Grooming Poole are here to help.

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