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Dog Grooming in Poole


Although each dog can be different, this is a general overview of the dog grooming process and designed to work for all dogs. Here is a general guide of the process from start to finish:

One thing to keep in mind, the process will generally take between 2-4 hours, and this includes the prepping of equipment along with washing, drying, brushing and un-matting thicker knots. Of course the main factors that affects the timing is your dogs hair length, or the condition of your dog whether old and fragile or agitated and of course the particular wash we are providing. For example, a groom, wash and cut on a poodle will take much longer than a wash and brush on a straight haired boxer.


First step:

Once you make contact with us, we begin by discussing the service you are looking for and the pet you wish to be serviced. Our team is very experienced and can help you decide on which best wash and groom would best fit your pet.

We first pluck hairs and clean the ears of your pets, as this is important to prevent any potential infections or even already existing ones. Once this is done we lightly brush your pet looking out for matted sections which we get rid of through a rough cut. Your pet’s skin will now have room to breath and we will proceed with a soap and wash, with a reduced drying time on top.


Second Step:

Your pet has now been prepped and our important services begins with a number of different options to offer through this grooming process. Each option is designed to fit each pet whether they are small or large, long hair or short haired. We use different selections of chemical and organic products such as Oatmeal, or Aloevera to best suit your pets hair and skin. We also have a bathing system designed for the most effective clean to power through quickly and effectively.

We also like to ask our clients if they have a preferred shampoo or product to use, or might even have one at hand they would prefer we use on their beloved pet.

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Third Step:

With your pet now thoroughly rinsed, we proceed to blowdrying their fur using one of our specially designed hand held dryers. These dryers have substantially more power than regular ones to not only speed up the process, but also remove any excess shampoo residue, dead hair or drandruff remaining. 

This drying process is also extremely important as it ‘fluffs’ up the hairs of long haired dogs, or straightens the hairs of short haired dogs, to prepare them for the final phase of our dog grooming process. 

We aim to get your pet to a level of 80% dryness using our hairdryer, and then place them under another drying stand to allow the last 20% of sensitive areas to finish drying such as the ears and eyes.

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Final Step:

We call this step the ‘finishing process’ to finalise the grooming and style of your pet. If we are servicing a short hairs dog, then this process simply involves brushing and trimming their nails. However if your dog is long haired, it usually includes a heavier load of brushing before the grand finale, the cutting and styling of your pet to your desired specification. 

We should note that nail clipping is often the most stressful process your pet will experience and one that we aim to do last. 

Rest assured, you and your pet are in safe hands with us here at Dog Grooming Poole!

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