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Small Animal Grooming in Poole

The grooming process basics are the same although there are some important points to keep in mind when grooming such small and fragile animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Here at Dog Grooming Poole, we always proceed with extreme care to avoid any stress and worries.


Rabbit Grooming

The process of grooming your rabbit will include necessary fur brushing and trimming, removal of debris caught up in the fur along with matted area. We also include eye and ear areas along with giving their nails a trim. One important task of ours is to check for the presence of any bugs or parasites that could be dangerous for your rabbit and in need of immediate treatment and removal. Rabbits are very clean animals and do a good job grooming themselves, meaning washing them is generally not necessary unless they are sick.

For rabbit owners, its important to note that rabbits should be brushed by owners every 3 days at least. They shed their fur every 3 months and more consistent brushing is necessary around that time.
We begin with brushing carefully to remove any excess fur, including keeping eyes and ears clear. We make sure the rabbits ears are cleaned from any debris or wax which can cause complication in your rabbits health.

At this stage, we observe if there is any excess droppings or urine remains as this could be a sign of illness. We also look at your rabbits nails, and proceed to give them a trim if necessary. Shaving and trimming a rabbit is done very carefully using our specific equipment to reach the smallest of areas.
If finally your rabbit must be washed, it’s very important to be aware of products NOT to use, as a number of options have been proven to harm rabbits. We recommend speaking to your local veteranarian about this further.

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Rabbit being washed and groomed in Poole
Guinea Pig with hair style groomed in Poole
Long Haired Guinea Pig Groomed in Poole

Guinea Pigs Grooming

We never leave the guinnea pig unsuppervised due to how fragile it is, and usually begin by stroking it, getting used to being handled. We will gently brush your pet, and the amount depends on fur length whether it is a short haired, or long haired animal.

We proceed to trimming their nails, to avoid them curling up into themselves and also importantly to avoid the owners getting scratched. We recommend using a professional to cut the nails as guinnea pigs have blood vessels and nerves up to a certain level which could cause them pain and bleed if not dealt with properly.

Like rabbits, guinnea pigs should only ever be bathed/washed if absolutely necessary due to how fragile they are to their surroundings and products. 

In the final stage, we proceed to clean your guinnea pigs ears to clear any bacteria, mites or wax that has built up. Guinnea Pigs have grease glands along their spine, which may get blocked and infected. We make sure to check this area, and with any build up, we make sure to trim the hair and rinse this particular spot, keeping your pet warm at all times and 100% dry if it’s been necessary to rinse part of their fur.

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Dog Grooming

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